“It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives”

-Derek Shepherd


And indeed it is! Which is why, I’m calling on the help of my fellow brothers and sisters within the medical field lol.

I am 22 years old, and wish to become an EKG tech. I’ve been studying, watching youtube videos, and rewatching every Grey’s episode which involves a heart lol.

I can become one step closer to taking this EKG course and taking the NHA CET exam. Then I shall be a certified EKG tech 🙂

But I can not do this alone. This is where you, the reader, comes into play. By donating (even $5) to my fund, I can soon start saving my own patient’s lives. I simply can not imagine working in any other place besides a hospital.

(Yes I have a job, which barely even covers the finances I already have to take care of)

I will update this post once I enroll into the course.

Thank you all so much, even if you donate $1, that dollar is appreciated lol



I didn’t ask for this

I didn’t ask to be here.

I didn’t ask to lose my job.

I didn’t ask to be behind on my credit card bills.

I didn’t ask to lose focus in school, let my grades slip, and lose my financial aid.

It seems like when things can’t get worse, they are in fact getting worse.

I am religious, but not as religious I’d like to be. I want to pray, but can’t even find the energy to do wudhu and pray 5 times each day.

I didn’t ask to be here, in my situation. But I know it is all for a reason. I know whatever I’m going through, it will pass. It will be just a memory. The storm doesn’t last forever, although it may seem like it. The clouds will clear, the sun will break through and shine like it did once before. Whatever is the reason for my recent string of bad luck, I just know it is going to change soon.

So whatever you are going through, just know it will not last. Remember, in order for stars to shine, it has to be dark.