I Thought All Lives Mattered?

Unless you’re:

  • an immigrant
  • disabled
  • a minority
  • any religion besides Christian


America doesn’t care if you’re an undocumented immigrant just trying to provide a better life for your family. Little do they know how long and how expensive it is to become a legal citizen.

America doesn’t care that you’re fleeing your war stricken country to come to America so your family isn’t awaken by the sound of bombs in the middle of the night. According to America, you’re a terrorist, your wife is oppressed, and you are raising your children to be future terrorists.

America doesn’t care that you’re a straight A honor roll African American student going to a state university on a full (non athletic) scholarship. Even when you graduate, no matter what, you will get turned down a job offer because your name is DeMarcus or Shaniqua .

Notice how whenever someone says “Black Lives Matter” “Brown Lives Matter” “Minority Lives Matter” the most common response is “ALL LIVES MATTER”. “All lives matter” is just a response which basically translates to “Shut your black asses up.” Yes, all lives matter. It’s not “Black lives matter more than any other lives”, it’s “Black lives matter, too”. Just the fact that we even have to remind people that a certain group matters says a lot about society as a whole.

Black Lives Matter was created to protest the unjustly murders of blacks by white police officers. The most common question is “Why doesn’t BLM protest black on black killings?”

Just like the white police officers, some blacks don’t value the life of other blacks.


Unapologetically Muslim

A bomb goes off downtown . Let’s find the nearest brown skinned person with a beard and blame it on him and his religion !
No . Why are all the “terrorists” identified by their religion ? Radical Islamic terrorist is what headlines will say . Why point out his religion ? What if the said “terrorist” is not religious ? It’s just assumed that he is Muslim because of his appearance . The media is trying (and succeeding) to instill fear and hatred of Muslims into every viewer . Not all are buying into the “fake news” though . People are confusing Arab and Muslim . Anyone can be a Muslim , not everyone is an Arab . Don’t just say and assume someone is Muslim unless you actually hear the words “I am a Muslim” come out of their mouth .

The ones bashing Islam are the same ones who’s never read one line of the Quran . They get their information from CNN or Fox News and think it’s valid ! Amazing how ignorant some people can be . The Quran is beautifully written , we believe it is God’s word verbatim . Allah is not a name , it is the same God of Christianity and Judaism . The three religions are all branched from Abraham .

When a Caucasian man shoots up a movie theater or school , the words Christian terrorist are not going to be in the headlines . Why ? He’s white , I mean , is he not automatically Christian ?

Muslims (also blacks and hispanics) as a whole are accountable for the actions that one member committed . It’s like the world is waiting for an apology from the whole Hispanic/black/Muslim community when someone from the respective groups does something wrong . Where’s the apology from the white community when one of the “lone wolves” do something ?

Muslims do not owe anyone an apology . Blacks do not owe anyone an apology . Hispanics do not owe anyone an apology .