Islamophobia is something I’d never dreamt would happen. Why are people afraid of a religion that they know nothing about? Donald Trump has made it publicly “OK” to bash anyone of the Islamic faith, or anyone Arab for that matter- religious or not! Why is this happening? Why aren’t people taking the time to research and discover for themselves what this beautiful religion is all about?
Christianity and Islam are both Abrahamic religions. The Quran and Bible share similar stories and some of the same people appear in both. Abraham, Moses, Noah, Adam, Jesus, etc. are all found in both books. Shocking, right? Or did you really think every other word in the Quran is ‘bomb’?
Jesus is mentioned more times in the Quran than Muhammad. Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible by name. He is being referred to, he was not born yet. Jesus basically says there will be one more Messenger after him to spread the word of God, and that is it. Muslims believe Muhammad is the final messenger, Jesus preceding him.
Mary has a whole chapter named after her in the Quran. Mary, the mother of Jesus. We Muslims believe she is one of the best of women to walk the Earth. Why isn’t there a chapter in the Bible dedicated to her? Hmm.
The Bible has several different “authors” and was written down many years after the events took place. How do we know things weren’t left out, added in, or even exaggerated? The Bible has been changed many times throughout history. If this is the true word of God, what human feels so entitled that they can change the word of God? The Quran has never been altered since it’s revelation 1400+ years ago.
Christians worship Jesus. For what reason? They believe he is God, and also the son of God… crazy concept right? The father, son, and holy spirit are all one person, so 1+1+1=1 . Jesus has never said, “I am God, you must worship me”. Jesus can not be God. Jesus was born, he had to eat, sleep, drink… all of the humanly functions that God does not have to do. All the powers Jesus had, came from God. If God had to eat, it would mean he is a human like us, which he is definitely not. God is something our minds can not comprehend. God doesn’t need to drink to re-hydrate, he doesn’t need to sleep, he doesn’t need to shower, or anything that us humans have to do. God has no partners, he has no one that is comparable at all.
Islam teaches peace, modesty, respect, discipline, charity, sacrifice. It does NOT teach us to bomb each other, like what the media portrays. Please, research credible sources and discover for yourself what this beautiful religion is all about, and my God guide you to the straight path.

Unapologetically Muslim

A bomb goes off downtown . Let’s find the nearest brown skinned person with a beard and blame it on him and his religion !
No . Why are all the “terrorists” identified by their religion ? Radical Islamic terrorist is what headlines will say . Why point out his religion ? What if the said “terrorist” is not religious ? It’s just assumed that he is Muslim because of his appearance . The media is trying (and succeeding) to instill fear and hatred of Muslims into every viewer . Not all are buying into the “fake news” though . People are confusing Arab and Muslim . Anyone can be a Muslim , not everyone is an Arab . Don’t just say and assume someone is Muslim unless you actually hear the words “I am a Muslim” come out of their mouth .

The ones bashing Islam are the same ones who’s never read one line of the Quran . They get their information from CNN or Fox News and think it’s valid ! Amazing how ignorant some people can be . The Quran is beautifully written , we believe it is God’s word verbatim . Allah is not a name , it is the same God of Christianity and Judaism . The three religions are all branched from Abraham .

When a Caucasian man shoots up a movie theater or school , the words Christian terrorist are not going to be in the headlines . Why ? He’s white , I mean , is he not automatically Christian ?

Muslims (also blacks and hispanics) as a whole are accountable for the actions that one member committed . It’s like the world is waiting for an apology from the whole Hispanic/black/Muslim community when someone from the respective groups does something wrong . Where’s the apology from the white community when one of the “lone wolves” do something ?

Muslims do not owe anyone an apology . Blacks do not owe anyone an apology . Hispanics do not owe anyone an apology .

Going natural ??

This is for all of my curlies! Okay y’all… I can not show you my hair on the Internet because I wear hijab . BUT that does not mean I don’t care for my hair !

As you all may know, hair comes in textures… 3a,3b,3c .. etc. Basically the formation and texture of your curls. For example, 3a curls are a lot more “wavy” appearing than 4c curls, which those curls are extremely coily. My hair has different textures… and to be honest I’m not even sure what they are. I just know they’re different but if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say the top/ front of my hair is 3c and the back is 4a/4b.

My last relaxer was in 2012.. My hair was shoulder length-ish . I would always straighten my hair anyways… I didn’t know how to manage my naturally curly hair. Plus I thought straight hair was more flattering on me.

Well one day I saw this post on Facebook or some social media, that adding VODKA to shampoo would make hair softer! So I’m like, okay leggoooo. I took some of my step dad’s vodka and poured at least a fourth of a cup in the shampoo bottle. Well… I guess I didn’t rinse out the shampoo all the way. I did my regular routine, air dry my hair and then straighten it. And what happens when anything hot gets near alcohol? Yeah… my hair was fried. I didn’t know it at the time though! It appeared normal. However the next time I washed my hair, my curls were nowhere to be seen.

After some deep conditioning, curls started forming at the root. Well, I wouldn’t say curls. More like waves lol. So I was making some progress. My mom suggested I do the big chop. I was ALL about length and did NOT want to appear bald headed lmao so I did everything but the big chop.

I recently just started prepooing . Pre poo is when you prep your hair for your wash day. You can pre poo with just about anything such as oils, conditioners, hair masks, etc. Then I discovered the holy grail that is coconut oil. I used it wrong. I THOUGHT you could just slather coconut oil on DRY hair and that would moisturize it (My hair retains no moisture…10min out of the shower and its already 70% dry smh) . Boy was I wrong… oils are a sealant, meaning they seal in whatever is on your hair. And I sealed in my dryness…

My hair is doing fine now, I did eventually cut MOST of the straight ends off of my hair, and still trim it from time to time. Last length check , the back of my hair was at least to my collar bone. Since I trimmed random parts of my hair to get rid of the straight parts, none of my hair is even in length lol but I haven’t straightened it since December of 2015 so I’m not sure how crazy I look just yet.

I only detangle in the shower, or when my hair is completely saturated. I section my hair into 4 not very equal sections and co wash. Co wash is washing your hair only with conditioner. I will shampoo like once every three washes, or when I realize “oh hey it’s been a while since I’ve shampooed” Or you can get a sulfate free shampoo, and shampoo regularly. I finger detangle first, gently pulling and sectioning within the sections. Then I apply conditioner, and this is when I will detangle with a wide tooth comb.

Deep conditioning will become something you’ll look forward to! Right now for deep conditioning I use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I recommend ! It has a distinct smell which I kind of like, and it’s in a roundish jar with tan labels, it’s like $11ish from Walmart, Target, Ulta..etc . When I use that, I will shampoo, then rinse the shampoo out completely. Then I will section my hair and GENEROUSLY apply the deep treatment masque and be sure to coat every section, every inch of my hair. It says to keep it on for 5min .. but when it takes me 25min to apply it to my hair do they really think I’m going to wash it out after just 5min? Wrongggg. I leave it on until night (b/c I normally wash in the morning) or if I’m feeling lazy (which 98% of the time I am), I will wash it out the next day. When washing it out, make sure it is out completely, and then condition like normal.

Styling MY hair is such a pain. Wash & go’s do not , have not, and will not ever work for me. Don’t ask me why, ask my hair lol. It doesn’t cooperate. I will normally use Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, it smells great and there’s now $6 jars as opposed to buying the $11 jar lol. I will use that, and apply it semi-generously throughout each of my sections. Then I’ll either braid or twist my hair, spray some water mixed with any kind of oil, then bobby pin my hair and throw on a satin cap.

  • I will be updating as my hair progresses… we’re on the healthy hair journey together!

Disney World tips (will be editing often)

I know the Walt Disney World resort like the back of my hand. As a native Floridian (born & raised), annual passholder, and going numerous times a year since age 5 (currently 22), I kind of know a thing or two about the mouse’s house.
First time going to Disney World? First time coming back after many years? Don’t worry, with these tips/tricks/hacks you’ll be a pro for your next visit!
1. Flying in through MCO (Orlando Int’l Airport) and staying at a Disney resort hotel? No need to rent a car at all during the duration of your vacation! The Magical Express is a Disney bus that picks you up from the airport, takes you to the hotel! The bus even provides transportation from the hotels to all 4 Disney parks, both water parks, Disney Springs, and back to the airport once you stay is over! This is a great way to save money on a rental car/taxi/Uber. Also, you save money on the parking fee at the parks!
2. Picking the right time of year to go to Disney is also tricky. Times to avoid COMPLETELY IF POSSIBLE are: Summertime (for obvious reasons, Florida heat is akin to hell) and October through the first week in January. Disney is pretty busy year round, but these times are a big NO.
3. Dress appropriate. Florida weather is somewhat iffy, especially during spring. Always bring a poncho ($2 elsewhere, $10 inside of Disney). The 5 minute thunderstorm will be over in no time, then it’s time to bring out the SPF.
4. If at all possible, try to bring as little into the parks as possible. Bag check lines are horrendous at times.. cell phone, keys, ID, and cash/debit/credit can easily fit into pockets and you won’t have to worry about lines!
5. If you have to bring in a purse or baby bag.. put some snacks in there! Chips, granola bar, pop tarts, freeze some juice boxes and they should be thawed out by the time you’re ready for them. It definitely beat paying $8 for a churro and a Coke.
6. GET FAST PASSES!! Fast passes are selected time slots which you get to bypass the line for certain rides. It’s always an hour time frame, so it’s best to try and work your itinerary around the Fast Pass times. They are selected ahead of time, normally through the Disney My Experience app , or there’s some kiosks at the parks. Fast Passes can not overlap . For example, if you have a Pirates of the Caribbean Fast Pass from 1:05-2:05, you can not have a Dumbo Fast Pass from 1:30-2:30.
7. $3.00 for a bottle of water? I don’t think so! You can bring inside drinks inside of the parks. Water fountains are ubiquitous, so bring one inside the park to refill!
8. If you or your kids want souvenirs, it’s best to buy them once you’re leaving the park. For example, like one of the Mickey Mouse balloons. Don’t carry it around to each ride you get on. Same with merchandise bags, you might forget it on a ride.
9. If you’re planning to watch the fireworks or a parade, it’s best to get a good spot at least an hour or 45 min before the start time. Do not let rude people in front of you 5 minutes before it starts! If you had enough time to find a decent spot, they had enough time too.

10. This is specifically for the Haunted Mansion ride. Once you enter the queue for the ride and you come into the crowded room with just a picture of a man that appears to be ‘decomposing’, go to the left of the picture. The walls slide open, and that will lead you into the next room . In the next room, STAND UNDER THE PICTURE OF THE GIRL WITH THE UMBRELLA!!! But not against the wall, as you are instructed to stand in the ‘dead’ center of the room. Standing under the picture of the girl will ensure that you will exit out of that room first, and be one of the first to get on the ride.

11. There’s more than just rides at Disney, and if you’re trying to beat the heat then there’s plenty of spots to cool down and get off of your feet for a bit!

  • Magic Kingdom: The Tomorrowland Transit Authority (PeopleMover) is located in Tomorrowland and is a good way to relax for a bit in between attractions. Although it’s outdoors 95% of the time, the breeze will feel nice. Also, shows like Mickey’s PhilharMagic (Fantasyland), Halls of Presidents (Liberty Square), and Carousel of Progress (Tomorrowland) are all good relaxation spots to beat the heat!
  • Epcot: There’s a place called Club Cool and you can sample (as many times as you want!) different Coke products from around the world. (Stay away from Beverly! You’ve been warned)


It’s not fair.

He’s better than any drug you could ever take . He’s like the best friend you can sit and do nothing with , yet still have an amazing time . Conflicting schedules make it difficult to see him more than once a month , if I am lucky . Which I’m not very lucky at all . I have become a better person since knowing him . He’s watered me and I’ve grown into something nice , in my opinion . If only I can tell my mom “Hey I’m Muslim and I’m engaged to this guy .” It’s not that simple and it never will be . It’s hard not living together . We are both still living at home , still going to school , still working . It’s not fair that every single time I go on Facebook or Instagram , someone else is engaged or just got married . It’s not fair that they get to go home to their spouse everyday . It’s not fair they are decorating their first house together . It’s not fair that they go grocery shopping together . It’s not fair , but I realized it’s just not my time . We are living according to Allah’s clock . Whatever happens was already predetermined by him , and we have no power at all to control or alter whatever he has planned for us .

Al Awwal

This is for the reverts. This is for the ones who aren’t sure if Islam is right for them. This is for the ones who can’t tell their families just yet. This is for the girl who has to put on a hijab after she leaves her house so her parents won’t find out. This is for the ones who have to silently wake up for fajr, as to not wake the rest of the family. And this is for the ones who get asked during Ramadan, “Why aren’t you eating?”. Reverting is not easy. It is a constant fear of your family finding out, and also the fear of them not accepting you. It is also a constant fear that you’ll get hateful slurs thrown in  your face. Dressing modest isn’t easy either. Everything nowadays is too short, too tight, too thin, or transparent. The modest clothes that are available are too expensive… and then the parents wonder why it’s the middle of July and you’re wearing a cardigan and something wrapped around your head. Or when you don’t have Muslim friends so you have to basically teach yourself how to pray correctly and how to do wudhu. YouTube videos will become your friend. You will recite surahs from the Quran silently, perfecting them with every recitation. You will screenshot a picture of a step by step wudhu and take it to the bathroom with you. It will be hard to refrain from drinking alcohol (I never drank so I can not share my stories), smoking (again, I have never smoked), eating pork (it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be…). There’s so many cons to reverting. However, when you think of the pros…it definitely outweighs the negatives. When you take your shahada, you are entering an entire new world. I have a brighter outlook on life; I’m more optimistic than I ever was. I just feel cleansed and have a new perspective on virtually everything. Islam is more than just a religion, it is a lifestyle. No one in Islam is perfect, and that is perfectly okay. You are submitting yourself to the Most High, Allah (Arabic for God; not a name). The only God.. the only one being worshipped in Islam. He has no sons, no partners. He has prophets… but they were the ones who told people about God, and how he should be the only thing that is worshipped. God is something that our human mind can not grasp the concept of. God doesn’t eat, drink, sleep… he doesn’t need to do any of these things that we as humans do. If he did, then he wouldn’t be God. Allah The Creator of every living and nonliving thing in the entire universe. We submit to him, and repent; asking for forgiveness. Repenting is a sign of faith, it means you understand what you did was wrong. It’s okay. You can have sins that reach as high as the stars in the sky but if you ask for forgiveness from Allah, he will surely forgive you. Everything you do here on Earth is accounted for. Every single good deed is accounted for in the hereafter. Every homeless person you feed or every charity you donate to or every good compliment you give. Islam teaches us not to ponder over the trivial temptations that this world has to offer. What good is your fancy clothes, fancy cars, huge house going to do for you in heaven? These things are only temporary. If you try and hold onto these things, you will surely miss out on the wonders that would await you in Jannah. Still looking for proof that God exists? Just look around, basically everything is living proof. The human body is proof. The mountains are proof. The stars in the sky above and the wonders of the ocean below are proof. All of this came from nothing. Yes there was a Big Bang, but who caused it to explode? Who perfectly fashioned a human being, giving every single body part a function to follow? Most of these statements are in the Quran. The Quran is God’s word, unchanged and unaltered since it’s revelation to Muhammad. The Quran lists numerous mathematical and scientific theories that have been proven time after time to be true, some were not even discovered until the last hundred years. If these things in the Quran is true, and the Quran has been unaltered, then that is further proof that God exists, and the Quran is his word. Don’t let the media bias you into thinking Muslims and Islam is something terrible that should be feared. Islam is a religion of peace. There are crazy people in every single religion. The media just chooses to display only the bad Muslims, so that they will be hated. You can not get your information just from the news. If people took their time to actually read and research Islam, they would fall in love. Reverting isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.