Unapologetically Muslim

A bomb goes off downtown . Let’s find the nearest brown skinned person with a beard and blame it on him and his religion !
No . Why are all the “terrorists” identified by their religion ? Radical Islamic terrorist is what headlines will say . Why point out his religion ? What if the said “terrorist” is not religious ? It’s just assumed that he is Muslim because of his appearance . The media is trying (and succeeding) to instill fear and hatred of Muslims into every viewer . Not all are buying into the “fake news” though . People are confusing Arab and Muslim . Anyone can be a Muslim , not everyone is an Arab . Don’t just say and assume someone is Muslim unless you actually hear the words “I am a Muslim” come out of their mouth .

The ones bashing Islam are the same ones who’s never read one line of the Quran . They get their information from CNN or Fox News and think it’s valid ! Amazing how ignorant some people can be . The Quran is beautifully written , we believe it is God’s word verbatim . Allah is not a name , it is the same God of Christianity and Judaism . The three religions are all branched from Abraham .

When a Caucasian man shoots up a movie theater or school , the words Christian terrorist are not going to be in the headlines . Why ? He’s white , I mean , is he not automatically Christian ?

Muslims (also blacks and hispanics) as a whole are accountable for the actions that one member committed . It’s like the world is waiting for an apology from the whole Hispanic/black/Muslim community when someone from the respective groups does something wrong . Where’s the apology from the white community when one of the “lone wolves” do something ?

Muslims do not owe anyone an apology . Blacks do not owe anyone an apology . Hispanics do not owe anyone an apology .


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