“It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives”

-Derek Shepherd


And indeed it is! Which is why, I’m calling on the help of my fellow brothers and sisters within the medical field lol.

I am 22 years old, and wish to become an EKG tech. I’ve been studying, watching youtube videos, and rewatching every Grey’s episode which involves a heart lol.

I can become one step closer to taking this EKG course and taking the NHA CET exam. Then I shall be a certified EKG tech ūüôā

But I can not do this alone. This is where you, the reader, comes into play. By donating (even $5) to my fund, I can soon start saving my own patient’s lives. I simply can not imagine working in any other place besides a hospital.

(Yes I have a job, which barely even covers the finances I already have to take care of)

I will update this post once I enroll into the course.

Thank you all so much, even if you donate $1, that dollar is appreciated lol


I didn’t ask for this

I didn’t ask to be here.

I didn’t ask to lose my job.

I didn’t ask to be behind on my credit card bills.

I didn’t ask to lose focus in school, let my grades slip, and lose my financial aid.

It seems like when things can’t get worse, they are in fact getting worse.

I am religious, but not as religious I’d like to be. I want to pray, but can’t even find the energy to do wudhu and pray 5 times each day.

I didn’t ask to be here, in my situation. But I know it is all for a reason. I know whatever I’m going through, it will pass. It will be just a memory. The storm doesn’t last forever, although it may seem like it. The clouds will clear, the sun will break through and shine like it did once before. Whatever is the reason for my recent string of bad luck, I just know it is going to change soon.

So whatever you are going through, just know it will not last. Remember, in order for stars to shine, it has to be dark.


Donald Trump

Republicans had such high expectations of Donald Trump as president . Inaugurated in January , and now its August , nearly half of his die hard supporters have fell silent . 

Why is that ? They realize what a complete mistake this was ? They remain silent because something a republican will absolutely refuse to do is admit that a democrat was right . They will never admit that Donald Trump was a mistake . His supporters have fallen silent while the country is in the midst of WWIII and/or Civil War II . 
He has made it publicly “OK” to become a bigot, racist, homophobe, islamophobe, and just about every other negative adjective you can think of. And no, this did not start with Obama. I don’t recall white supremacy meetings while Obama was in office. The only thing Obama might have caused is the closeted racists coming out, protesting a black man as president . Well just how Obama wasn’t your president , don’t get mad when someone says Trump isn’t their president. 

Get over it

Why are most, not all white people dreading the fact that some confederate statues are being taken down ? Normally, their answer is “Stop trying to erase history”
Alright .

Why are black people told to “get over” slavery ? Isn’t that apart of history too ? Or are we supposed to get over the fact that because of black people did indeed suffer ?

We also are told “never forget 9/11” why ? We aren’t supposed to remember years and years of slavery , but we are supposed to remember the day when the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT KILLED THOUSANDS of innocent people on our own soil? 

Anytime a non-Trump supporter has something to say about Trump, his supporters usually retaliate with “Hillary lost, get over it snowflake”. They’re just automatically assuming whoever didn’t vote for Trump voted for Hillary. 

The confederate statues represent the south. Didn’t the south lose? Why have statues of traitors and losers throughout our country? The south lost, get over it.

Why hijabis are strong

Each day we have to face discrimination, stares, and bold comments thrown at us. We have to stand our ground yet maintain modesty. We have to fight for ourselves and for each other.

I personally have not been a victim yet because of my hijab. But the world keeps getting worse and worse as the days go by.

We have to be strong for ourselves , for each other , and for the little girls looking up to us. You don’t want the little girls to see us hating to put on a hijab or niqab. You don’t want the little girls to hear us saying we wish we didn’t have to wear it.

We wear it for one purpose and only one purpose: to please our Creator. None of us are perfect. Some Muslim sisters don’t even wear hijab for fear of being harassed. If someone makes you feel ashamed because of your religion, you’re only letting them win by not wearing hijab. Don’t ever be afraid to wear the hijab or niqab because of someone (who’s irrelevant). You wear it because you serve a wonderful and merciful God. 

A letter to Atheists

Who created you? Do not say your mother and father, but if you are certain of that, then who created them? Your grandparents, right …well who created them? And so on and so forth.

Who created the trees, the mountains, the sea and all its creatures? Who created all the layers of the earth? Who placed the stars in the sky? Who programmed all of our organs? Who programmed our heart to continuously pump blood, our lungs to continuously need oxygen, and our brain to process information? Yes that is their function, but who gave them that function? 

God. But you might be thinking which god.

Allah is the one and only god, the creator of the heavens and the earth. He gives you life, will cause you to die, and will bring you to life again in the hereafter.

Allah made everything possible. You believe in the Big Bang theory but you should believe in the one who caused it to explode. Nothing on earth or in the universe is just a coincidence. This was all in Allah’s plan. 

How can you explain DNA? There are literally instructions inside our body on how to create another person. How do baby sea turtles know to go back into the ocean once they hatch? How do caterpillars know how to build themselves a cocoon? It is Allah who programmed all of this. 

Allah is not comparable to anyone or anything else. Allah does not have a son or any partners that would be in relation to him. He is one. Comparing a person to Allah is underestimating Allah’s power. He created everything, he is not like his creation. If he were, that would take away from his uniqueness. He can not be a person. People have to eat, drink, sleep, and use the bathroom. Allah does not need to do those things for if he did, he wouldn’t be Allah. 

He is all knowing and most merciful. He hears and sees all that you do, and only you will be accountable for your actions whether they be good or bad. So it’s best that you do good. Allah hopes we obey him so we can spend an eternity in heaven. You don’t want to spend an eternity boiling in the blazing fire do you? Another question is why would Allah punish us by sending us to hell for eternity? Well what would you expect? He gave you a life long journey to search for him and turn to him and obey him. You did the opposite, so why do you think you should be rewarded?

Why I’m NOT excited for Ramadan

For those who do not know, Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It’s a month where we refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. It’s more than just that. Ramadan is the month the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It is also a time to get closer to God, perhaps by praying more or reading the Quran, and bettering one’s self spiritually, morally, etc. It is also a time for families to come together and celebrate.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Yes, if you were born into a Muslim family.

I am not looking forward to this time of year. Last year, my first year as a convert, I had trouble fasting. How is a fatty such as myself going to refrain from eating/drinking for sunrise to sunset, when normally I have a snack every 15min?! (exaggeration)

This year I’m not really concerned about the whole “not eating or drinking”.

I just notice how the other Muslims I follow on social media are so excited for Ramadan. I was focusing on their happiness and eagerness as it approaches later this month. Why wasn’t I like this? It didn’t take me long to figure out why.

I am alone. I have no Muslim family or friends. I have no one to share this happiness and eagerness with. I have to fast by myself (sometimes even breaking the fast early because I get asked “why aren’t you eating?”), I have to pray by myself, I have to read the Quran by myself, I have to have Eid by myself.

From a young age, Muslim children are exposed to the meaning of Ramadan firsthand. They have all of their family together, make traditional meals, and just enjoy the holiness of this month.

It’s hard for converts such as myself. I wonder if anyone else feels slightly like this..?

We’re not oppressed¬†

How beautiful is the woman who hides her beauty?

Is she oppressed?

No she is not oppressed. A woman who dresses modestly and covers herself for herself and for her Creator is far from oppressed.

Why dress modestly?- Dressing modestly is for the woman, her husband, and God. Imagine if a woman goes out to do shopping and running errands and she is wearing a very tight shirt and short skirt. These tight and revealing clothes shows the figure of her chest and her butt. When she walks by men, naturally the men will look at her, who knows what he could be thinking! He is having impure and lustful thoughts about another man’s wife! Dressing modestly is out of respect that the woman has for herself and her husband. Why should she need to seek the attention of another man when she is married? It is best to stay covered. If a woman is not married, then she does not need to show off her body to any man, her body should be saved for her husband’s eyes only. She is not eye candy for every man! God also commands believing woman to practice modesty. It is stated in¬†the¬†Quran 24:31 that believing women should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. They should not display their beauty to any male except to their husband and their immediate family. Modesty is also talked about in the previous verse,¬†Quran 24:30 that believing men should also lower their gaze and guard their modesty. Men should lower their gaze when in the presence of a women because he could be staring/fantasizing about another man’s wife! How awful.

Are women in the hijab oppressed? No, our Muslim sisters are not oppressed! Hijab empowers women, and when I wear it I personally feel more self confident. Women choose whether or not they wear the hijab. Yes it is commanded by God in the Quran that women cover themselves, but if the woman chooses not to then that is her decision between her and God. Nowadays with today’s societies and how the media displays Muslims, some women are discouraged to wear the hijab for fear of being targeted by racists. It is very sad that a simple scarf covering one’s hair somehow correlates to being a radical terrorist… Are women forced to wear head coverings and dress modestly? Not in Islam! Some cultures might force women to dress a certain way but that is¬†culture, not Islam.

I Thought All Lives Mattered?

Unless you’re:

  • an immigrant
  • disabled
  • a minority
  • any religion besides Christian


America doesn’t care if you’re an undocumented immigrant just trying to provide a better life for your family. Little do they know how long and how expensive it is to become a legal citizen.

America doesn’t care that you’re fleeing your war stricken country to come to America so your family isn’t awaken by the sound of bombs in the middle of the night. According to America, you’re a terrorist, your wife is oppressed, and you are raising your children to be future terrorists.

America doesn’t care that you’re a straight A honor roll African American student going to a state university on a full (non athletic) scholarship. Even when you graduate, no matter what, you will get turned down a job offer because your name is DeMarcus or Shaniqua .

Notice how whenever someone says “Black Lives Matter” “Brown Lives Matter” “Minority Lives Matter” the most common response is “ALL LIVES MATTER”. “All lives matter” is just a response which basically translates to “Shut your black asses up.” Yes, all lives matter. It’s not “Black lives matter more than any other lives”, it’s “Black lives matter, too”. Just the fact that we even have to¬†remind¬†people that a certain group matters says a lot about society as a whole.

Black Lives Matter was created to protest the¬†unjustly¬†murders of blacks by white police officers. The most common question is “Why doesn’t BLM protest black on black killings?”

Just like the white police officers, some blacks don’t value the life of other blacks.